Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Way Back When Wednesday - #1

This is the first official Way Back When Wednesday!  I thought it was very appropriate to feature my first born.  The story behind this picture is:  An Aunt of mine took two of her kids to have their picture taken straight from bed in their pj's looking as though they'd just woken up.  It is a picture-perfect picture, I wish I had a copy of it to share.  Many,  many years later I can still remember that the jammies were baby blue and matched.  Although this picture turned out looking much more posed and she's definetly wide awake, it did turn out pretty darn cute.  What do you think?

Don't be afraid to be a bit unconventional.  Hey! who said you have to show up with your kid spit polished and in their best clothes?  Just think how cute it will look years later when you have a photo of them all dirty and sweaty with their hair sticking up in the air or their pigtails falling out.

And just because I love black and white.....   One of these days, when I actually get to take the photo shop class (who knew you have to call immediately, because it's the first class to fill every time?) I will learn how to make this picture look really old, won't that be awesome.

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