Monday, March 15, 2010

Danan the Traveling Dog

I couldn't believe my eyes when I down loaded this picture of Danan from my camera.  It was taken weeks ago and I'd forgotten all about what was on the camera.  What an awesome shot.  I didn't crop it or anything, this is straight out of the camera.  What do you notice most about the photo?  The magnificent mountain range behind her, or perhaps the very blue sky with the fluffy clouds?  I asked my husband, Corky to look at the picture and those are things that he pointed out.   Our dog has not left Michigan or even Howell since Christmas time and this is most definitely a picture of our dog.  Can you figure out how I took this shot?. It took me awhile to figure it out myself.

And then I looked at the rest of the pictures I down loaded and finally was able to put two and two together and see just what I was looking at it the first photo.  I was out in my own side yard playing with the dog and taking pictures of her.

She loves the snow.  I hid the frisbee in this snow pile and encouraged her to find it.  It was way to easy for her.

Back to the mystery photo.  Here is the answer:  Danan is sitting on our paved driveway, with dirt exposed behind her and that beautiful sky is really a snow drift with shadows cast across it.  Isn't that amazing?  I bet you thought it was a fake backdrop.

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Ashley said...

that is cool! i would have never guessed! i thought the snow was clouds too.