Saturday, May 16, 2009

This weekend shall be the end of it!

I'm going to finish my niece's wedding bookmarks this weekend. I have 85 of the 100 needed totally done. I have the remaining 15 all ready to join and do the borders, so I have only a few more hours of work (a couple good movies) and I should have them completed and ready to mail. I'm sooooooooo ready to celebrate!!

What next you say? Well I will be starting another crochet project, which will be wedding bookmarks for my last daughter's wedding ( the church wedding & reception in the fall ). The flower and colors have yet to be determined and then there is figuring out how to put it together to form a bookmark. You see the flower patterns are from a pamphlet on making edgings, so I have to create the bookmark around portion around the flower and decide on an a border.

I'd like to portray myself as a creative genius, but that would be absurd. It is just trial and error, with continuous crocheting and pulling it out and trying something else, until eureka...something just falls into place and looks good. It gives me a great feeling of accomplishment to know that I've created something that others will keep and enjoy for years to come. Amanda, Meghan & Audra's bookmarks are in my Bible and later this year their sister Ashley's will join them there.

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