Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh! What a Difference A Year Makes

Mother's Day 2008 - It was the last Mother's Day I would have children living at home with me. Last year the youngest two girl's took me to Chili's for lunch. We didn't plan the outfits ahead of time, but as you can see we made a great photo trio in our black & pink outfits.

This year I will be taking my Mother to lunch and we will spend the day together. This year there will not be a daughter of mine anywhere close to me to celebrate with. But they are here in my heart; and will be on my mind all day. Two of them are celebrating Mother's Day with their own small children and two of them are now growing babies in the cocoons of their own womanly bodies. Where did all the time go? It doesn't seem that long ago that I received the handmade gifts and cards with love notes scrawled inside in childish handwriting.

I Love you because... you wash my sheets.
I love you because... you hold my head when I puke.
I love you because... you make green bean casserole for me.
I love you because... you're the best Mom I've ever had.

Enjoy your Mother's Day and cherish it, because they are only little once and then they grow up and sometimes fly away.

Girls I'm so proud of all of you. You that are Mom's are doing an incredible job, I'm just in awe of you both. And the Mom-to-Be, before the year is through you'll hold a little one in your arms and feel for the first time how totally awesome it feels to be a MOM. And the baby of the family, take notes, because I'm sure it won't be long before you join the ranks of the Mommies too.

Happy Mother's Day to All and to All a Good Night!


Ashley said...

i love you, mom. happy mother's day! we are so lucky to have you.

Meghan said...

I love you mom, hope your day is extra special. All I can say is we learned from the best!