Saturday, April 11, 2009

This Post is for you, Michael

My daughter, Amanda sent me this email below.

On the way out this morning - Michael said - Mom do remember when Grammie lala went in the forest with me? That was sure fun!

Michael, I do remember..... We had the day alone together; Ava was at her Day Care and it was just you and me. You wanted to explore the forest on your property and Grammie was afraid we'd get lost.

"Come on Grammie, let's go." "It's okay, we won't get lost, Grammie."

Sometimes the going was rough. You had to climb over and under. In some places the branches practically intertwined between the trees.

But we saw amazing things like this green pancake moss.

(Folks that's our name for it nothing scientific.)

And Gramie found this really neat tree. We saw a cool bird, way up close, and we found a dead shrew laying all curled up with his little paws clasped as though in prayer. Michael insisted it was a mouse, so I let it be. Apparently he's never heard of a shrew before.

A few times we stopped to take a break and talk. It was a beautiful day and adventures can be tiring. Michael took a tumble down a hill and cut the palm of his hand on a piece of wood. I insisted we walk back to the house and wash it and put a band aid on it. Michael just wanted to continue exploring.

All in all it was a beautiful day in the forest with my most amazing Grandson, Michael.

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