Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Respite Care Boy

GT was almost five when I first met him. He was and is as adorable as they come and I've grown very attached to him over the past three years I've cared for him.Unfortunately, he like many others is lost in the world of autism.I like to take him to parks, away from the TV and his therapy ball that he likes to bounce on continually; to try to connect with him through play. Sometimes it works and it truly makes my day. Sometimes it doesn't and it breaks my heart.I enjoy taking photos of him for his family. Here he is climbing a tree in his back yard. I took hundreds of pictures that day and saved only about a dozen truly good ones. It's hard to get a good picture of a kid that will look at you and cooperate with instructions. It's even harder when the child can't.This is a photo taken at GT's favorite park. If I had to put a title to it, it would be "The sky is the limit." And I have to post one of him with nothing on but a diaper, as this is how he prefers to be at all times. Thankfully, he has only done one strip act on me in public.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful boy, and how blessed he is to have such a loving caregiver in you. I'm sure you are a great comfort and companion to him.