Saturday, August 27, 2011

Garage Sale

Can I complain?

I wanna call the newspaper and let them have it, but
my husband says, I don't have a legitimate complaint.
They ran my ad and I paid them $31.00,
but it was my worst garage sale ever.

Maybe my prices were to high, but I had customers
say that my prices were good and my stuff was clean & neat.
I slashed the prices every day as I said I would in my ad.

My worst problem....not enough traffic coming to my house.
You can't sell anything if you don't have customers.

First day I made $60.00. 
Okay, then subtract my useless ad.  I made less than $30.
Second day I made $28.00.  Whopeee!
Okay, so maybe Thursday isn't the best day to have
a garage sale after all and on Fridays, some people are still working.
But Saturday should have been a good day, the weather was

-Nope -

get this.....


(yes, this is true)
one customer, and she was from my neighborhood
making a return visit.

All the days and days of hard work.
And setting up in the 90's & humid day we had on Wednesday.
Yep, all the headaches of harassing my husband to help me
get the boxes down from the loft and haul the borrowed tables etc.
I even tried to get my hubby to stand out at the road and walk
up and down with a sign, but he wouldn't do it.

You would think in this economy everyone would be
out buying stuff at garage sales to save money.

Next.... I have to return the tables,
haul the leftovers to Salvation Army
and call the Pregnancy Hot Line for the baby things.
I'll try to do it without grumbling and mumbling,
but it won't be easy.

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Hauch Family said...

Oh Aunt Doris that is bad. Sorry it didn't go well. I did one too and Friday was good, but Saturday was pouring rain and was bad. Sorry it didn't go well.