Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Measure your Heads

It was a success!  I enjoyed making the headbands
and the directions were perfect.
I added a flower to my first one.
Ashley said Daniela wouldn't wear it, but
she kept it on all day.

I'll admit I did bribe her with candy to get these pictures,
but after that I was okay with her tossing the hairband aside, but she didn't.

 She even wore it to the park, where she climbed, swung and
went down the slide for over an hour
and Daniela never lost the headband.

I dressed her in denim, but those pictures didn't turn out as cute
as the first ones I took in pj's.

The brown T-shirt material ones were my first, but
I haven't figured out if I want to finish them as plain
headbands or adorn them somehow.

I'll be making plenty more of these.
Girls if you have any specific colors or styles
you want email me.
I can make for Mom's too if you wish or just the grand-girls,
let me know.

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