Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Models are never as good as your Original

Just like when you are watching a movie series and get
used to a certain actor portraying a character, it's never
as good once they switch to someone new.....

Well I think you'll agree, even though these models did
their best, non of them are as cute as my original headband model, Daniela.

I've completed 10 headbands so far.  I have others braided
but not sized or adorned.

Do you like the new leopard ones?
I went to Salvation Army on Tuesday and
found four clothing items for $1.00 each
that I could take apart for material.
These cute leopard ones used to be pj bottoms.

I also bought a tan-colored camo shirt, but
it didn't look  camo  at all once it was braided.
I'm pleased with it still, because it go well with anything khaki.
I also purchased a pink floral skirt that
yielded a whole yard of material, but I haven't
braided it yet, to see what the finished pattern of pinks will look like.

Ashley chose to keep two of these headbands.
 The one Lily frog is wearing
and the leopard one, Kitty is modeling.

This latest project is keeping my hands busy in the evenings,
so I'm not tempted to be snacking.
Drum roll, please***********

So far on Weight Watchers - I've lost
20.4 pounds!

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