Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sharing Tree in the Court Yard

Livingston Daily  and the Brighton Patch articles on the Nature Center's new court yard
and the Sharing Tree created by Michael Glenn Monroe.

Click on the links to see more pictures of the Sharing Tree and to
hear how it was constructed.

When I went to visit the Nature Center about four days
after the Grand Opening, I was totally taken by surprise 
to find a baby raccoon in the hollow of the tree.

Yes, everyone it was a real live baby and he hissed at us while I 
was attempting to get close enough for a picture.
Apparently, the hollow of the sharing tree was deemed just as good
as the hollow of a real live tree by this little critter.

After being given some time to wake up and mosey away on
it's own, the wildlife staff decided to encourage it to leave, so
the area would be safer for visitors.

Next time you're in the area, stop by an visit the Sharing Tree
at the Nature Center.
And please check out
Michael Monroe's children's books, they are amazing. 

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