Friday, August 12, 2011

Busy trying to make these......

Headbands anyone? 
 Click here for the instructions  HERE

I borrowed the picture, so you could see what they look like.
You can make them out of old t-shirts or new jersey knit material.
I have some stretch denim I may try as well.
I'll let you know if you should all start measuring your heads.... or not.
Sometimes a craft will really click and I'll make a bunch, and
sometimes these ideas fall flat and never get finished.
Yes, that's the truth...........I have a few of those
unfinished projects in my closet that just won't let me lie.

Anyway, that's how I'm keeping busy at the moment.
Walked 2 1/2 miles this morning.
I picked peppers to put in the freezer for future omelet mornings.
Keeping busy hasn't been a problem so far.

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