Friday, April 15, 2011

What can pull you out?

What can pull you out of a writers slump?

Well this is what did it for me.
Pictures of my Mainer Grands.

Little Henry is sooooooo dang cute!!

Henry sporting his new chompers - 6 months old

Henry looking really sharp in his sweater set.

Sick baby - Not everyone can look good when attached to a breathing treatment machine!

Michael look for IPad2 on the internet

Lordy - even Ava's shocked at the Price.
I don't think Michael or I will be getting one any time soon,
because it's between $500-$700.

Guess I won't be needing that Weight Watchers application,
just a tracker booklet and a pencil.

On a happy note....I've lost 3.6 pounds so far.

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