Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Weight loss Battle

Remember this post last August?  Weight Loss Week #3 I had lost 3 lbs. and I believe that's where it all ended.  Well I'm back on week three, but this time with Weight Watchers help and I have been a pound more sucessful and this time I will be sticking with is for at least 13 weeks, because that's how long the program has been paid for, for me to attend.

This is what's been hard for me:
  • Two new employees that have been bringing baked goods into the office.
  • Portion control.  A serving of chicken is the size of a deck of cards - really?
  • Popcorn without all the butter & Parmesan cheese - isn't that great.
This is what I've done to help me be more successful:
  • Bought the walking fit DVD's.  Two weeks of rain and nothing but rain in the forecast.
  • Cleaned out my recipes & cookbooks - Pitched old recipes & cut out new ones to try.
  • Bought me 3 pair of NYDJ Capri/shorts a size smaller for summer on EBay - for the price of one new pair at the store.
  • I'm making a weekly run to Aldi's for produce & some Fit N Active products.
  • This week I purchased the Points Plus Calculator to make calculating those points much, much easier.
My goal is 10% of my weight and I'm now four pounds closer to that goal.

Good-bye four pounds.  I hope you are gone forever.


Hauch Family said...

AWESOME JOB AUNT DORIS! Stick with it, you can do it! To bad losing weight isn't as easy as gaining it. I know you can do this and we are cheering you on!

Anonymous said...

i wish you well!
buying pants a size smaller is good motivation. also have you tried orville redenbacher's natural (simply salted) popcorn. my daughter Hope eats it b/c of her dairy allergy, and it's really good!