Saturday, April 30, 2011

In just a month....

In the month of May I will be going to see all four of my girls, not at the same time, but all in the same month.  That doesn't happen very often.  In fact, I'm not sure, but Audra's wedding may be the last time we were all together.  I'm not going to strain my brain to figure it out, because today I'm on the mend.  Yesterday, I was very sick..........very, very sick..... I think it was food poisoning.  I tried to go to work, but had to return home to bed and the couch the entire day.  I managed to eat a yogurt and some fishy crackers and that was it all day.  I'm feeling much better today and that's good because I'm in charge of Daniela today.  Hurrah! for Ashley it's her last class of the semester!

The end of May I will be flying to Maine.  I've been watching ticket prices for the last month and decided they weren't going anywhere but up, so bit the bullet and just bought one.  I just have to go see my Mainer-Grands.  I will be going to take care of Meghan's little ones in July and have recently seen Rowyn and she's also coming to visit this week. 

I can't wait to love on this little guy and feel his two little teeth for the first time.

I hear that Ava's been itching for a Gramie Treasure Hunt. 
I'm already planning a Hunt for you and thinking about prizes.

And this guy although he looks way to mature for them, is going
to get a million big hugs and kisses.

Ava shared her Easter bunny with Henry, because the Easter Bunny
thought he was to little for his own basket.
Of course, he didn't eat very much of it, just the pink part (the box).

The Easter Egg hunt was a huge success. 
 Michael's egg hunting skills have vastly improved from his younger
years when they had to hold Ava back, so he could get a few.
Way to go Michael!

Very cute, pink and brown is one of my favorite combinations.
We'll have to do a photo shoot in that outfit when Gramie comes to visit.

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