Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home Again!

It finally happened, the reunion Audra had been hoping for.
Dakota was on the 9:00 pm flight to El Paso, 11:00 pm our
time, hence she didn't make the news last night.

Excited to see her Mama!

And if you think flying is stressful for humans;
just think what it must be like for a dog,
especially one that's had a very topsy-turvy life
since early December.

Audra's dog & Rick's dog Cody reunited.

Here's part of Audra's email to me early this a.m.

She made it :)   Everything ran smooth at the airport.  Dakota was super thirsty and tired, she passed out on the way home.  She sure didn't forget who Cody was and seemed excited to run around the back yard again.  The El Paso Times is doing an article on her, Home Again taped the reunion and 3 other news stations.  kfox14 news is one of them, it's a local station, but I was told Home Again is going to try and pitch it nation wide, but if you want to look it up it's supposed to air tomorrow night  (Sat). Delta ended up covering her ticket, which was a nice surprise. I think after the kennel size screw up and holding her in Atlanta all day they probably felt bad!!

It's been a long day so, I'm headed to bed, definitely saying my prayers and counting my blessings, God has been so good to us!!   *** Audra also got new Rick may be home ahead of schedule, so good news all around.

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Meghan said...

yeah, so happyt for Dakota and Aud