Monday, January 9, 2012

Not Another Book, I hope!

"Not another book, I hope" was Michael's statement when
it came time to open my suitcase and pass out gifts.
My daughter, referred to it in her post here.
I was hoping he would change his mind when
he saw what came with the instruction book....
eighty Wikki Stix!

He did.  He created a few things out of the
instruction book and shared some of the
stixs with Ava and I.
Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture
of his cool drink glass or his burger.

Don't we look fabulous in our Wikki Glasses!

Our first encounter with Wikki Stix was at this Mexican 
Restaurant on a previous trip to Maine.

If you'd like to try some out for yourself
look for them on the web.  I found some here.
Wikki Stix are fun!

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