Monday, January 2, 2012

More to Celebrate!!!

An announcement was made after leaving our house
via a text message picture.....

of another positive pregnancy test.

Baby Roberts #2 is on the way.

It looks like Rowyn will have a sibling around the time
she turns two years old.
And if Audra follows suit like her two older sisters, she will have a
girl first and a boy second.  

I had such a great time with Rowyn
she is 15 months old now and learning new
things every day.

We were playing a shape game and she found a piece that didn't belong
to that set and went and found the correct shape game and put in the spot it
belonged.  Holy Cow!  I was amazed she was able to figure that out on her own
and carry through the actions to get it to the right place.

Pray for a safe journey home for the Roberts family
and a easy, healthy pregnancy for Audra.

Belated Happy New Year 2012!


grasping for gratitude said...

wowsers! she is so big now! :) glad that you have a good visit!

Meghan said...

she does look so big there! I remember that shirt on Syd. Yeah very exciting!