Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Gifts

This year I bought my hubby a good sized cute nutcracker for Christmas.
It's the Chubby Mouse King from the Nutcracker Ballet, it's
a Steinbach nutcracker made in Germany. 
He has mostly Christian Ulbrecht's and Steinbachs in his collection.

Isn't he just adorable?
Under that very strategically placed snowflake is a price tag.
We have no secrets from each other regarding the cost of our gifts,
I know exactly what he paid for mine too.

I've been wanting a Kindle Touch, mostly for the convenience
of not having to pack four heavy books for a weeks vacation.
Ashley bought me a cover and then I also later bought
the E-Luminator E-Reader Booklight when it was on sale.
Now I'm all set to read while traveling, even in a dark car.
I'm currently reading the Weird Sisters on my Kindle.

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