Thursday, January 26, 2012

Got the book! But not.............

Got the book, Juggling Twins, but now it doesn't look
 like I will be needing it anytime soon.

Product Details

I was suppose to hear by last Friday regarding becoming
a Nanny for a set of newborn girl/boy twins.
Friday came and went, but no call or email, so
I decided to just wait a while longer, but then I had another
offer so I called the Mom of the twins.

They had decided to let their grandparents watch them
their first six months.  The babies were preemies
and still require a considerable amount of care.
She told me of all the applicants that applied that
they liked me the best and she'll keep my information, so she
can contact me in six months to see if I'm still looking for a change. 

To say I'm bummed is an understatement.
I'm going to keep my eye out looking for that dream job,
but in the meantime I'm still a Mother's Helper.


Meghan said...

Bummer- so are you with the same family or do you have another offer that you are exploring? Praying for the right position.

grasping for gratitude said...

oh that is too bad Doris. They would have been lucky to have you care for their babies! hoping something perfect comes your way soon! *hugs*