Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Double the FUN!

The fun began first thing in the morning.
Two little girls, two bowls of cereal
and Gramie joined them with oatmeal.
YaYa (Baby talk for LaLa) shared oatmeal with Rowyn.
MiMi (Short for Gramie) shared oatmeal with Daniela.
Gramie LaLa made more oatmeal for herself. 
It was double the fun, double the oatmeal.

Daniela doesn't often have someone else on her turf,
but she did a great job sharing all her toys; even
her new kitchen set, which cousin Rowyn loved.

She even shared her Princess Potty.
This picture is just way beyond cute....

Daniela is still talking about Rowyn this and Rowyn that
and when we were looking at pictures from their visit
 she yelled out
there's "Unca Wrick!"  It was beyond cute!
They are growing up fast and I treasure the times I get
to spend with each of them, but when I have more of them together
it is double the fun.

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