Saturday, January 7, 2012

Will I ever learn?

Will I ever learn?

Saying "Cheese" to a child will often end with a photo like this.

And although doing the raspberries works well to
get the attention of an infant....
it doesn't work so great for toddlers!

And did you know that sometimes it takes two
parents and a dog to put shoes on a one year old?

Here's a quick picture I took of
Audra Jane & Rowyn Gracie Jane
in their flannel shirts.

And yes, she was allowed to play with this nativity
that's why I put it at kid level on this shelf.
Baby Jesus and the lamb were the favorite figures to
be played with.

And everything is still up at my house. 
I will have more than one day off finally next week, so
then if will all be put back in the attic except for my snow babies
which I enjoy a bit longer.

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