Friday, December 30, 2011

Two Girls/One Location

Two girls in the same something to celebrate.
I asked for the day off so I can make a Turkey dinner with all the fixins.
Yes, there will be dressing, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole the whole enchilada.

Okay, so it won't look exactly like that, but I do promise not
to put any pots or pans on the table.
I hope to get pictures of the two little cousins today.
We picked Ashley & Daniela up at the airport last night,
but by the time we arrived at the house lil cousin, Rowyn was in bed sleeping.
Not just any bed, but Daniela's crib. 
Grandpa put Audra's toddler bed up for Daniela to use.
He get extra points for that!!!!!
Gary's Dad made the toddler bed for Audra was she was little.
I remember when Michael used it when he came for a visit.
I'm happy to see another grandchild sleeping in the family heirloom.
I'm sure Grandpa in heaven is too.

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