Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Styrofoam Cup & All These Supplies = Baby Shower Favor

Can a simple dollar store Styrofoam cup become a really cute baby shower party favor, used to hold mints for the guests???

That's the question. What will the answer be?

My neighbor made these really cute favors for her daughter-in-law's shower, so I asked to borrow the pattern. They didn't look that hard. There were no warning labels, red flags or signs of dried tears on them.

I'd like to rewrite the directions and place a few words to the wise of my own (in big red letters) in the heading of said directions.

Must have a year or two of extreme crafting experience.

Requires previous experience cutting circular objects with scalloped scissors.

be able to dump half a grocery bag of Styrofoam into your local landfill and still be able to sleep at night.

Must be able to squeeze plastic bottle evenly with the right hand while also making an up and down motion with that hand (going over the scallops) AND be able to rotate another object with the left hand in a circular motion. If you can't tap your head and rub your tummy at the same time - FORGET IT!

Must be able to live with imperfections. Read - Blobs, smears and other boo-boos bound to happen when working with craft paints.

I'm now on the third day of making the favors.

Day 1 - Cut all cups to size. Cut tongue of shoes. Cut scallops around the top of shoe. Punch holes for lacing ribbon through to later tie the shoes.

Day 2 - Apply fabric paints to scalloped edges of shoes. This takes forever!!

Day 3 - Punch hearts for decorative touch and glue to shoes. (My neighbor used hearts, ducks & Teddy bears.) Apply iridescent glitter paint over entire shoe and let dry.

Please stay tuned for the unveiling of these unique, easy and impressive looking party favors!!!

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Meghan said...

they look super cute so far!