Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Revealing

I won't tease you or make you wait a second longer. Yesterday I made another trip to Joanne Fabrics ( affectionately called Joanna's in this family ) for ribbon and completed the shoes last night. At each phase I kept telling myself, this is the hardest part. I think I tied one shoe five times before I got the bow right. The two bunny ears method worked the best, for those who are curious.

Just like the invitations I made them in the four colors. Aren't they just precious?

I forgot to take a picture of the mints that are going in them. Darn! They are called mint drops, and are the shape of chocolate chips. The packages are a mixture of green, yellow, pink & white mint drops and they have white beads on the bottoms of them. You'll just have to picture them in your mind, because it's too time consuming to repeat the process of taking the picture, downloading, and posting for one picture.

Here's the whole batch, I made 40 just to be sure I have enough. Ashley may want to take some back with her if she can fit them in her luggage somewhere. If we put them inside a Tupperware container or something else rigid, they may make the trip back to Mexico okay.

Derek, my son-in-law once told me on the phone that my daughter was at Joanna's when I called. When I talked to her later, I asked her who Joanna was, I had not heard her talk about this particular friend. She had been at Joanne Fabrics buying craft supplies for scrap booking. To this day the name Joanna's has stuck.

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