Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A 3 Layer Cake-Waiting for Toppings!

Time to make another diaper cake. This will be diaper cake number four for me, so far they have all been disposable diapers. Here's the supplies I used to roll the diapers.

To begin just tuck the top of the front section of diaper down a little,so when you roll it you don't see Elmo peaking out. After rolling, secure it with yarn to keep it rolled. You want a light color of yarn or string, so it won't show through the ribbon you attach later.

Make up a cake board or buy a cake plate. I put doilies on mine, but you can use your imagination and do something completely different.

In the center of a cake plate place a paper towel tube and stand about six rolled diapers end-up around the tube. Secure the six diapers with another piece of yarn or string. You may want to enlist a second pair of hands to hold the diapers in place while you tie the string around it. Place a second ring of diapers around the first ones you put on and then secure it with yarn as well and then a third ring around the second one. Viola! You have one layer completed. Now proceed with the second layer, but just put two rings of rolled diapers around the tube. And your third layer will have just one ring of diapers around the tube.

Chose a wide ribbon to secure the layers of the cake. You can do a more than one ribbon around in different widths if you prefer. I decided to add pastel bows around the cake this time. They are pinned on with tiny gold safety pins from the back. I have also dangled charms and other items from the ribbons on previous cakes.

Here's the resulting undecorated cake. Now for the fun part. Add lots of baby stuff. Here's some ideas to get you going:

Baby care products like lotion, powder, bath wash etc. in travel sizes
Booties & socks
Comb & Brush
Nail Clippers
Baby bottles
Hat & mitten
Baby sunglasses
Lullaby CD
Barrettes & Hair ties
Baby tooth brush
Rubber duckie

I could go on & on, but you get the picture. I will post a picture of the diaper cake when it's finished. Wish me Luck!

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