Sunday, July 12, 2009


I heard a few weeks ago that criminals are using face book as a tool to commit crimes. I certainly didn't think at the time that there would be a hit on someone in my own family. Don't worry the crime was attempted, but it didn't work in this case. This is what happened.

My daughter, Meghan has a best friend named Megan B. Megan B. called our house to tell us that her husband received a notice on his face book page that our daughter had been mugged while on a trip to London and needed to borrow money to get home. Megan B. called my daughter to see if it was true, but the answering machine is all she could connect with, so she called us. Megan B. stated that her first clue that it was a hoax was that the message didn't go to her face book page. We know for a fact that our daughter is not in London. But Megan B. was worried enough to call us and what if she would not have been able to reach us? They've been best friends since Kindergarten and if it were true, well certainly she'd wire the money. See how it works, they are preying on your emotional connection to friends and family.

This is scary business. Unsavory characters lurking everywhere these days, taking advantage of unsuspecting people. Don't think that it can't happen to you. Protect yourselves as much as possible. Believe me I'm going to be more wary from now on.

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Megan said...

Hi there! Don reported this to Facebook and they basically shut down the account, but gave him some instructions to pass along so she can reactivate it. I did try leaving a message on her cell, but haven't heard anything. I don't know the extent to which they hacked her stuff, but hopefully everything else is okay!

My first thought was, OMG, OMG... and then, wait I have to call her mom, she will know the scoop! :) I also could tell by the writing, it totally was not Woman! It was creepy though because they mentioned Bill and Syd by name, even asked about my kids, but they obviously had access to her account to get this.

Take care!