Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Today was my Day

Today I did something for me.  Something I haven't done in a long time.  I've been wanting to go on a photo shoot for months, but since Amanda is the only daughter that has an expensive camera and enjoys going out just to take pics...I haven't been since I went to Maine in October of 2010, here's the link to our cemetery photos.

But then I found out Laura's daughter Anna won a photo contest and I had a thought....maybe she'd like to come along.  This is her photo that won the contest.  My intentions for today were to use my new (as in I haven't practiced with it yet) reflector, but the sun never came out.  We had three hours, but travel time took an hour, so really just two hours.  We went to the Nature Center, but stopped to take photo's of the sheep on the corner of Sexton and Pinckney.  We were able to get pictures of turtles, ground hog, bobcat and a few other small animals, as well as a huge hollow tree, the lake and some geese, flowers and other neat things.  We walked over 3 miles, so I'm not sure Anna will be so eager to come along again, but we'll see.

So keep posted.  Anna & I are going to work on downloading, cropping etc. and then we are both going to post our favorite photos of the day.

Anna was great company and although she's not quite 11 years old; she's very knowledgeable about photography and I wouldn't be surprise if I end up learning a few tricks from her.  It was nice of Laura to let me take her out for a few hours on a day they already had plans.  Thanks Laura!

Here's a sheep photo....just to keep you interested and coming back to see what Anna & I come up with.


Meghan said...

Fun, cannot wait to see more. Wish you were closer and could be our professional photographer.

laura mouro said...

Anna had a great time! She has been begging me to see your pictures! I am going to have to remember to get her on here tomorrow to see them! Thank you so much for taking her!