Monday, October 24, 2011

Floating Uh Oh!

Daniela is learning how to float in the bath tub.
She's very proud of the fact that her hands and feet stay up
on the surface of the water.
We know her bum is resting on the bottom of the tub,
but still she's getting the concept of floating as her limbs really are.

So the other night after dinner I gave Daniela a tubby,
(mama was at college and I thought it would
be nice for her to come home to Daniela all
clean and in her pajamas.)
She was floating and all smiles and I was
day dreaming about how cute she was smiling
with her hair all swirling around in the water around her head...
when I realized something else was swirling around
her head.

I reached for the bumble-bee bath tub toy, but not
soon enough.  It was to late....
it had become entangled in her hair.
You pull the bottom end of the bee which is on a string
and then put it in the tub and the wings paddle around
in the water and makes it swim until the string retracts to the end and
then you have to pull it again.

So I sat Daniela up and the bee is about two inches away
from her skull.  I tried to work it free, but it was still
trying to swim.
Although, it is a favorite tub toy I desperately tried to
break the stupid wing off, so I could free her hair.
Daniela was starting to get upset about the situation
and I was starting to panic.  If we had to cut
it out of her hair, it would be super short.
Ashley would have a fit, she's suppose to get
Daniela's two year old pictures taken soon.

I yelled for Grandpe to come help us.
He tried to break the wing off and couldn't, so
he left to go get some tool.

I took a deep breath and tried for the third time
to manipulate the hair around the wing and get
it out of her hair.  It loosened a bit and I wound it this
way and that and little by little it came loose.

Wow! That was close.

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