Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Halloween!

These pictures are straight out of the camera,
no cropping,
no nuttin.

I couldn't resist getting this little ghost's picture.

Daniela went trick-or-treating with the same two little girls as last year.

Daniela made a very cute little lion.
She even did a "roar" for a few people.

The moms and the girls making their way around the neighborhood.

Happy with her loot!

Fi Fi the fairy with her candy from us.

Happy Halloween!
Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow.


Meghan said...

love it! I love the candy corn in fi fi's hand- did you make it?

Dorsey said...

Yes,ma'am, that was me. I attached a bag on M & M's to it.
I saw it on a websit as a garland, it was really cute. Maybe, I'll put it on the blog.