Friday, October 14, 2011

Photo Shoot #1

I told myself to pick the top ten of my original 100 pictures, but you know me...
I have trouble making up my mind and ended up with more than ten.
Before we drove out to the Nature Center I remembered
 this old tree on the Nature Center grounds, which I had seen many years ago.
Back then, a bunch of the employees decided to take 
a walk around the property and we tried
to see how many people we could fit inside the hollow tree.
(We fit five adults for you inquisitive adults)
(23 Keebler elves for you inquiring children

Anna posed for me and I had the better end of the deal, she's
much more photogenic than I am.

I love the way this picture turned out, with the layers of
colors.  First the burnt orange at the bottom, then the green/blue, topped
with the yellow leaves.
How lucky I was to catch their bobcat yawning.

Flowers abound around the nature center.  I'd like to take some
pictures of wild flowers, but that will have to wait for spring.

This is the brave sheep that came back down to see us after we spooked the flock away.
I thought they were calmer than say a deer and they'd let us approach
and just lay there.  Not so.

A fairy lodge. Isn't it quaint.  I'm not sure if they make
reservations year around or not, it's best to call ahead.

My true passion is photographing kids, so I'm sure you're not surprised
I slipped this one in.
Thanks for coming along with me Anna, it was a very enjoyable time.
I promise next time we won't walk as far.

This is another favorite of mine.  I'm anxious to try a few
things with it on, but wanted to keep things fair
with Anna posting her pictures too.
Not that we are having a contest or anything, but you
know what I mean.... comparing apples to apples.

I didn't notice the reflection until I downloaded the picture or
I would have taken more like this.

Do you have favorites?
Constructive criticism?
Ideas for another trip out to use our cameras?
I'd love to hear from you.

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