Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Thoughts about New Mexico

It was a beautiful day here in Michigan......
the sun was shining and it was
warm and the trees are turning colors.
The mountains are a different sort of beautiful.
They are always there no mater what the weather is like,
even if it's not sunny, even when the night sky falls.
I miss the mountains.
It never got old, but always amazed me that they were
there every morning, noon & night.

I'm missing this little doll baby.
While I was there Rowyn & I bonded a bit closer.
I taught her how to say "tickle, tickle".
She loved being squeezed and other
little games we played.

She just never knew what this crazy Gramie
was going to do to get a good picture.

What you can't see in this photo
is that I'm seated directly in front of
her and actually tickling her with my feet.

Rowyn wants to be picked up the minute
Daddy gets home for work and
Rick always obliged her.  I love watching them interacting.

I miss my daughter Audra.
You can tell that she loves being a Mom and genuinely
enjoys being with Rowyn and teaching her new skills.
She's proud of her accomplishments and glows
when showing her off.
I love that Audra is a lot like me in that area.
Not everyone is, it's a gift.

Rowyn loves to push this little cart everywhere.
She doesn't just run into things and cry for you to
rescue her, she knows how to maneuver it around
corners and out of any tight spot.
There's no, I repeat; no way she'll ask for help,
she can do it herself, Thank you!

She's running, and running quite fast...
I was on her heels when I stopped to shoot the picture.
Rowyn turned a year old two weeks ago and today
is Henry's Birthday.  I sure wish free plane
tickets grew on trees, if they did you know where I'd be.

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