Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We have Baby Pics

I received a link by email and viewed them through my Kodak account.
She's cute as can be.
Little round head and just a bit of peach fuzz hair.

If you want to see pictures, you'll have
to click here, Michelle, the baby's Auntie that took
the pictures, posted them on her blog.

Oh! boy is she going to be spoiled!
I can see it coming......
from the parents, grandparents, Aunt & Uncle
and all those cousins, they are swooning over her already.

When I kept talking about not being able to wait
to see the pictures, Ashley said "Mom, you're
really bad, you're just crazy about babies, aren't you?"
Yep! that's me crazy about them babies, all babies,
but especially "our" babies.
Welcome, Ashlynn Jane.


virginia said...
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virginia said...

Thanks for sharing Doris! Love to see picture of all the kids. Congrat Taryn and Jeremy