Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cousin Pictures

I'm sure there is someone out there that is wondering where are all the
pictures of the visiting grandbaby.
Well even though they arrived Friday a.m. I still had to work,
although I was fairly swooning when I arrived
because I was able to feed and rock her to sleep before I went to work.  Awwwwh!

I did watch her one evening while they went out to see the Red Wings
and play cards at a friends house, she was only up for two hours
and then down for the night.  She was fussy, due to some gas issues, so
I didn't get a chance to take pictures.

Here's some tubby pictures of the cousins I managed to take one night after dinner.

Daniela teaching Rowyn how to drink the bath water.  Oh no!

These cousins are just 10 months apart in age.

They were having a great time in the tub.

As you can probably tell from the water agitation, there was much slashing and kicking doing on.

A couple real cuties!!!

On Mother's Day we had to share with Grandma Lynn, which I'm more
than happy to do, because "Boy do I know how it feels to
be a Long Distance Gramie."

Last night she was whisked off, so Audra could go get her hair done.
And tonight she's at a Great Grandma's house.
Tomorrow's my day off, so I should have a home court advantage!
Wish me Luck!

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