Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another arrival!

Another arrival, but not just another baby.  This little guy completes a family of three boys.  Just what I dreamed of having many years ago myself, but God had a different plan and I raised four daughters instead.

My Meghan holding the baby.
Meghan's good friend is also named Megan, but during the brief visit we made to see the baby we didn't actually let her hold him, so I didn't take any photos of her. 
I'm sorry Megan.  I am sooooo bad.
I did however, let my Meghan hold him before I did, and I expect
Brownie Points for that one.

Meet Wil
He slept the whole visit, but as we were going out the door he did let out a short cry to let everyone know he was getting hungry.  I so enjoyed the cuddling time and offered to help his Grandma when she babysits, because there are now more kids than she has arms to hold them.  Jan has shared her grandchildren with me in the past, she is a true friend and knows how much I miss my Grandkids that live so far away.

Is she contemplating another one?
My Meghan is setting on the fence right now, on whether to have a third child, but for right now she's enjoying her friends new little babies.

Here's a list of all the new & friends.

Truman...................Amanda's friend, Laura
Ashlynn Jane............My niece, Taryn's  baby
William David..........Meghan's friend, Megan
Baby Girl................Audra's friend Danelle, I can't remember what they named her.
Gabrielle Stella........Wendy, Ashley nannies for her family.
Pollyanna................Meghan's friend, Missy

And we are waiting for one more arrival.  The miracle of birth is just so amazing and each child so very precious to those waiting to welcome them to the new world.

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