Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Last Friday

Rowyn developed a cough and runny nose
and by Thursday it was obvious she needed to be
checked out before the weekend.

She was still happy and had no fever,
but her cough was tight and she was starting to wheeze.

The doctor diagnosed her with possible RSV and an ear infection.
She was given an antibiotic and a nebulizer & meds.
Today they took her back to the doctors and she
confirmed that she's doing much better.
The RSV test was NEGATIVE!
The Dr. is keeping her on the breathing treatments
a while longer because  her sinus drainage is making it hard for her
to breath.  The doctor also recommended she see a nose specialist
when they get back to New Mexico.
Looks like Rowyn's walking in her Mama's shoes on this one.
Audra had sinus issues from 2 weeks on and had to have
her adenoids removed at a very early age.

Adorable and not that fussy for a sick baby either.
She has had some trouble falling asleep at night, but gee
is she an easy baby.

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