Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Michael & Ava's New Rooms

Busy doesn't even begin to describe my life lately.  I've only managed to post about my trip to Maine once or maybe it was twice...   Anyway, I've been back for a week and two days now and I'm going to put a few pictures up today.  Sorry for the lack of verbage ( I believe that means words) to go with the pictures.   I have the cutest grandkids ever.  I will keep posting the pictures I took in Maine even if it takes me the rest of 2011 and some of 2012.  So hang tight... I'm trying to get them up as fast as I can.

His closed mouth smile due to a missing tooth.
Michael and a couple favorite autos.

My favorite picture of Michael - So grown up looking for eight years old.

Ava  in her room

It's painted a sort of cranberry color

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