Friday, December 2, 2011

New Job

I love my new job! 
I've been employed as a Mother's helper for a week now
and received the nicest compliments from the family.
"They are so glad they found me."
"They love the way the kids have warmed up to me."
"They think we are a perfect match."

The job entails helping the mom with 5 children
ages are four and under.  There are 2 boys & 3 girls.
The baby is a little doll and very easy going.
I spoon fed Baby B her first taste of real food yesterday.
The 18 month old took the longest to warm up to me.
Big Girl B - (yes the three youngest all have names that start with B)
is 6 months older than Daniela and very tall for her age.
She is going to start potty training after the first of the year.
The boys R & D are fun and cute, I really enjoy pretend
play with them as they have wild imaginations.

The family is very private and I know they would not want me to show
pictures or too many details.
I am enjoying going to work every day, but that means less time
on the computer for me, so if my posts are a bit more
spread out you'll know why......
I'm busy changing diapers, feeding the baby a bottle,
teaching shapes and colors, reading books, playing peek-s-boo
doling out snacks and wiping chubby fingers and chubby cheeks.

And the best thing about this job is that I can take a week off whenever
my girls need me to come help out, or I just want to go visit them.
I'm not getting rich, but I'm happy!


Theresa said...

That is fantastic Doris! A job you love with the flexibility you need! What can be better than that! yay for you!

Meghan said...

yeah! They are blessed to have you!