Saturday, April 10, 2010

Switching it Up!

What's happening, you say.  Well a little switchero has taken place.   I wish I could say the housekeeping fairies showed up and switched everything in the two front bedrooms, and while they were at it they spring cleaned.   If you don't believe in fairy tales then can you believe it was me? 

Ashley has purchased her plane ticket to come home and she will be here with Daniela on June 3rd.  Yippee!  Hurrah! and all that Jazz.  I moved Ashley's belongings to the blue room and put Daniela's in Ashley's old room, because it's the smaller of the two.

She's coming home to go to Grad School, and will start taking classes in August.
Her old desk is ready.  Miguel doesn't have his Visa yet, so he will be staying behind and may be going back to school as well as teaching, while he waits on his paperwork to be processed.

Daniela's things are all washed and  in her closet too.  The lady Ashley nannied for gave her some of her girls things for the baby and I've collected more from a friend of mine who's little girl just turned a year old.
The boxes on the side is Gramie's crafting supplies, I had to store them somewhere.

Dear Hubby has patched the walls in the baby's room and after he sands it he will be painting.  We have three rooms tore up at the moment, so even though the blue room could use some paint it will have to wait a while.


Ashley said...

thanks for posting pictures, mom! it all looks great! i can't wait for june third!!! xoxo

Dorsey said...

You're welcome. They were only up 10 minutes or so when you posted. That was fast!!!

Ashley said...

and i get the little TV! yay!