Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Tea Party Lunch

I wanted to do something special with Sydney our last day together before I came home to Michigan and she went back to preschool.  I put Sydney's apron on her and set her up at the sink to wash the toy dishes from her kitchen set.  She enjoyed the whole process, from gathering them up hauling them to the sink, washing, rinsing and setting the table.

She invited Jockah (her favorite dolly) to join us.  Notice the flower arrangement in the middle of the table, we didn't think Mommy would mind if we borrowed it for our Tea Party.  Sydney poured the water into the goblets.  I poured the tea into our cups.

We dined on pepperoni & cheese slices on crackers, sweet pickles, hot dogs & dip ( you know the red stuff made from tomatoes), apples & peanut butter, fishy crackers, pretzels sticks and soft cheese and yogurt.  It was a very yummy lunch.  Sydney said the cheese looked like marshmellows on the sticks.

Following the luncheon I suprised Sydney with this desert.
These little cones came from Ikea, they are made from a crock-like material. I filled them with icecream and dipped them in sprinkles. 

I was hoping she'd remember one was for me.   She did. 

The fun ended the next day when I headed to the airport, but never fear I have my Kodak memories and a heart full of love.  Sydney didn't want to give me a kiss good-bye and Mom & Dad were upset with her about that, but not me.  The night before, in the middle of the night she'd wrapped her arm around my neck and given me a tight hug.  Not big deal you say, but you need to get the whole picture.  I sleep with head gear much like a wrestler wears to keep my mouth shut at night.  This forces me to breathe through my nose which is covered by a mask forcing air into my air passages.  I have sleep apnea and must sleep with this contraption on every night.  I've been called Alf and an alien and a few other equally scary looking things, but my granddaughter saw past all that and hugged me anyway...because she loves me unconditionally.  And I just love being her Gramie. 

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Meghan said...

so sweet. I will need to scrapbook these pics.