Monday, September 24, 2012

Here in New Mexico

I'm spending two weeks in New Mexico with my
youngest daughter, her husband and their
two little girls.
Emma will be two weeks old tomorrow and has
gained almost a pound already.
Mama has good milk and plenty of it.
Rowyn is an awesome big sister, not acting
jealous or misbehaving at all.
Miss Emmie is going to follow in her sister's
footsteps and be an awesome baby.
You'd never know there was a baby in the house,
she rarely cries and eats, sleeps and poops
likes a model baby.
Emma will stay awake for long periods of time
and not fuss at all, just look around and make
cute baby faces. 
I told Audra not to count on this one being
as good as Rowyn was because that's
just not going to happen twice, but
I may have to eat my words.
I'll try to keep posting while I'm here, but you
know how that goes....
I'm very busy holding the baby, reading books
and putting puzzles together with Rowyn and
doing all that other fun Grammie stuff.

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