Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grandparent's Day Continued

Daniela in the corn barn

What's more fun than playing in a sandbox?
You got it, a corn barn.
This was one of Daniela's favorite spots last year too.
Keeping her eye on the other kids
Love this one!!!!

Warming up on the small slide
 Daniela & I later went down the big slides, which I don't have a photo of but they were like two huge culvert pipes that were placed on a hill side by side.  First she went down on my lap, but then on her own and I'd slide down behind her with my legs open and scoop her up at the end.  She thought that was hilarious.  Of course, I was the only adult participating... I just don't understand that at all.  I tried to get my hubby to take a turn, but he declined.

The reason I don't have as many pictures of the rest of the trip as you would expect, is because my battery died in the camera.  Ugh!  When will I ever learn to carry an extra at ALL times.

Other areas of interest were a bounce house, a wooden fence maze, an ark, a kiddie zip line, animals to see, bikes to ride on a track and more.  We bought Honey Crisp apples instead of picking our own, which they didn't offer this year, due to the poor weather this year effecting the apple crop.  We bought cider and cranberry-nut oatmeal cookies to eat, which were much better nutritionally than the donuts.  Yummy!

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Meghan said...

so much fun! We love fall and cannot wait to go to our orchard. If we were there Bill and I would have been going down the slides!