Sunday, September 30, 2012

Grammie LaLa & the Girls

LaLa with Rowyn & Emmie

Grammie said I'm Cute, Just Checkin... Yep, I'm cute.
I always try to get a couple pictures of me with the kids, just to prove I was really there.
Audra didn't download the best one of me, but I'll have time to do that when I get home.

Surprisingly I haven't maxed out my photo cards yet.  I've been so busy cooking, cleaning, bathing and watching the girls, that I haven't taken many photos yet.  I'll have to make up for it this second week I'm here with them.

Today Rowyn & I walked to the park down the end of their street.  She fell and skinned her knees about four times, but never cried, she was just happy to be at the "Hark" as she calls it.  She runs everywhere and climbs everything, even the big slides she's not afraid to go down.

Later this week we are going to White Sands to the dunes.  Audra said it's a great place to take photos, so hope the weather cooperates.  Here's in New Mexico that doesn't mean I hope it doesn't rain (like it does at home), it means I hope it's not too hot or windy as the sand blows around so much you can see where you are going.

One thing I won't miss when I go back home, that's Barney!  A little of him goes a long way for me.  Rowyn however, can't get enough of him.

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