Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still here.... Still walking

Yes, I'm still walking.  Yesterday was a beautiful day for November.
Danan and I walked down to the end of our road and back and I
took a few pictures.  It actually looked much more gray and dismal,
but with the help of Picnik.com I was able to boost the colors a little
and now it looks much more appealing.

The days have not all been so accommodating.  It has rained and
I have walked in the rain.  Ya, me.... walked in the rain,
hard to believe I know.
When it's windy and we walk at the school it's like being in a
wind tunnel.  I wear my cuddle duds and a fleece head band over my ears.
and sometimes complete the look by wrapping a matching scarf around
my head.

This is a picture of the water in the pond down the road.
I cropped out the tree and grass that's being reflected.
The green scum is really almost that green.
It fools with your mind.  The water looks like the sky.
Sorry I refuse to go to all the trouble to turn the darn picture,
I wish they'd put a magic button on the toolbar, so I could
just click and fix it.  Wouldn't that be nice.

I've been trying to be super good this week with Weight Watchers,
so that I don't have to feel guilty when I eat a portion-controlled
Thanksgiving dinner.  That's the plan folks.
Last week my weight stayed the same.  I'm at -26 pounds and
fighting like heck to stay there.  The one coffee and one can of pop
a day is such a drag, but do feel like maybe it's giving me more
energy without it, so will continue on as long as the will power holds.

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K- floortime lite mama said...

WOW .. -26 pounds that is really impressive
loved your pics and an so impressed that you keep walking in the adverse weather