Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Day of Play Group - Mom & Tot - Pre-Preschool

Tuesday was Daniela's last day of school.
The day starts with 45 minutes of free play.
On this particular day she gravitated toward the doll house
area and stayed for a long time.
Other days, it has been the baby dolls,
painting, or shopping with the grocery cart.

Here's two of her friends sitting at the tables with their parents
playing with special toys put out for the day.

After free time, they do circle time, where they read books, sing songs etc.
The girl in the blue dress is Rosie, the others are new friends she met at school.
After circle time, they make a craft or two and then have
snack time before singing the good-bye song and going home.

This is Daniela's teacher, Miss Becky leading them in
Hap Palmer's song - Sticks Together.
It was a favorite of Daniela's, she loves
following all the directions with the sticks.

There is another session starting up, but we
decided not to sign up for it.
The class was great fun, but getting out in the nasty weather
that's around the corner isn't going to be.

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