Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Daniela

Still putting the pieces together....
Two years ago today she was born
and a week later I met her for the first time.
She was amazing then and remains so today.
As I looked over the pictures from my trip to Mexico
and her first two weeks, I noticed more than the
usual amount of pictures of me holding the baby.
In all the pictures I am beaming, even
the ones where I'm not actually smiling.
She is my sunshine and she brings out the best in me.

She often flatters me by saying "Awe, cute!" when
she sees me.  I can be in denial that she said the same thing
about the wild turkey at the Nature Center.  Not a problem.

She often runs to me when she gets home and we have
a bunch of silly little games we play and things we
do to make each other laugh.
She thinks it's hysterical when I tuck her in at night.
I kiss her Kitty, her dolly and then her blanket.
Who else besides her crazy MiMi would kiss a blankey?
So funny!

She is doing and saying new things every day.
"It's not working" is a frequent phrase which can be used
for "I can't open it" or "the puzzle piece won't fit" or
any number of other situations.

Today instead of turkey....
we will be enjoying popcorn while watching the Muppets
at the theatre and cake & ice cream later with gifts.
A Dora balloon & other colorful balloons are hiding in the closet.
Oh! It's going to be a fun day.

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