Thursday, November 24, 2011

Birthday Time!

Daniela's Mom & I took her to see the Muppets for her birthday.
We were a half hour early, because we heard we may
have trouble getting in on Thanksgiving.
Apparently not that early in the day.  We had no trouble at all.
The preview didn't start until the time the movie was suppose to start
and they lasted 20-30 minutes.  So..........
the snacks were gone and so were Daniela's patience
for sitting still, we saw about half the movie and then
chose to leave.  All in all she did pretty good.
She was so darned adorable the entire time sitting
in the little booster chair and standing up leaning over
the seat in front of her dancing.

Grandpa stayed at home and put her birthday present together.
He said the directions were in hieroglyphics,
but he seemed to still be in a decent mood, so it
couldn't have been all that bad.
Her reaction to seeing her birthday gift for the first time.

The kitchen set is from Mama & the food sets
are from Grandpe & MiMi.

She's been cookin ever since.

She loves washing her hands with the soap dispenser (thanks again Rosie)

Food sets are wood and made by Melisa & Doug.
The kitchen is  by Kid Kraft - Razzleberry Kitchen Set.

Her favorite food set is the cutable fruit, she's sliced
pears, strawberries, kiwis, oranges, bananas and melons;
put them back together and cut them again and again.
Looks like we can add fruit salad to today's menu as well.

Happy Birthday Daniela!
It has been oh so much fun and we haven't even had cake
and ice cream yet.

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Meghan said...

adorable! Love the colors.