Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where was I?

We were in Maine for Christmas and that's where I picked
up this incredibly unique advent calendar.
Each of those little numbered doors open up a small
pull out drawer to place a small surprise or treat for
the lucky person that is counting down the days 
until Christmas. 
I just love the pictures painted on the drawers.
I took a couple closer shots, so that you could
see the details that have gone into it.

My oldest daughter, who lives in Maine took me to her
favorite store that always has the best gifts.
Believe it or not it's a hardware store, called Schachts.
I made several purchases and at half price, they were
a real bargain.  I also like the idea that everyone else around
here doesn't have one just like it.
Now that they've gotten the bugs out of the new blog look so
I can once again post pictures, and I've had new
antivirus software installed on my computer; perhaps you'll
see me on it a bit more often.
Our Christmas trip was great, I'll be posting pictures of the
grand kids soon.  We had two snow storms while we were
there and I took some cool snow pictures.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Love it! Wonder what treasures you can hide in there next year?