Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Christmas is the time of the year when loved ones try to get together to celebrate and rekindle bonds.  It is so easy when your loved ones are near, and can be so very difficult when loved ones live far away.  This year was spent with my eldest daughter, Amanda and her hubby Derek and their three small blessings, Michael, Ava and Henry.

Ava Lauren - Christmas Day 2013

TaDa! Henry Owen age 2
Henry with his super hero's shirt
Ava with her American Girl Look a Like Doll
Christmas 2013 Aren't they Adorable
They were so excited to see all the gifts under the tree and Ava quickly became the organizing child and started reading tags and sorting all the gifts into piles.  They took turns opening gifts and I never saw a disappointed look from anyone.   Whether a big expensive gift or a small trinket, everything was appreciated and oohed and aahed over.  It was well worth the 21 hours in the car to enjoy the week with my Maine grandchildren.

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