Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SNOW! Did I say snow?

 Our first Christmas with the grand kids was a huge success.  We had pretty good weather for traveling, except for a short stretch in Canada and managed to sandwich two snow storms between the travel times.  Each time they received close to a foot of snow.  So I headed out with the big kids and Henry rode in his sled.  I bought Henry the sled when he was born, so this is his third year to get to use it and it looks like it will be his last, he's pretty stuffed in there.

Ava's turn to pull the sled.
Henners is stuffed in there, but loves it.

Michael now 9 and Ava 7.

The boys on a snow bank
Snow angels, anyone?

Henry now two, loved it as you can see by his face.

I'll be sure to post the actual Christmas morning soon, so stay tuned.

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