Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Bar Harbor Day

A pit stop for lunch at a deli on Main Street in Bar Harbor.
  All five grand kids in one photo.

Henry, Ava, Michael, Sydney and Griffin.
It's the first time I've had that many of them
in one place, at one time, with me present to enjoy them,
that is as good as it gets in my world.

Thanks! Amanda, for inviting Meghan, Bill
and the kids to visit, so we could
join you all in Maine for the 4th of July.

Meghan and Sydney.

Giant rocking horse in the store, that makes
everything out of wood.  If I had more time
I'd look up the names of the stores and post links.
All the kids had to have a ride, except for Michael.
Griffin bought a horse in this store with his souvenir
money from Grammie LaLa and Ava bought a back scratcher
here too.

Ice cream is a must at Bar Harbor and the lines
are long, but boy it was yummy!!!

Michael bought cool shades with his spending cash.
I love it when my boys dress alike.

Henry bought the bus you see on his lap and his
ice cream cone was almost as big as he was.

Shopping in our favorite store.

They had the coolest metal sculptures.

And we all love the pottery mushrooms.

The kids started playing in this fountain.
Notice how it ends in a doggie drink bowl at the bottom.
Isn't that cool.  Everybody brings their dogs to Bar Harbor,
don't ask me why....I think it's too crowded with people.

Yep!  All five kids ended up playing in the fountain.
I'm pretty sure it was slightly illegal, but no one
stopped them, so finally the parents had to step in
and drag them out.

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Meghan said...

great pics mom- I love the kids on the rocking horse and me with Syd